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We help businesses, non-profits and individuals find and use their growth superpowers.

Beth McClary-Wolford, Sales Growth Superhero

We are a strategic thinkers and sales growth leaders, using our depth of experience and assessment skills to build expectation driven sales teams. We work to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current sales processes, and build on sales team member strengths, while helping with new skills development, coach-ability, and learning styles.


audit of sales process

We start with a top-to-bottom audit of your current revenue generating practices, so we can see what is working and what needs improvement. We’ll benchmark your system, people, and practices against the best-performing teams so we can see exactly where you can improve

Lead Generation and Nurturing

lead generation

Too many organizations under-spend in some areas of lead generation, while over-spending in other areas. This inefficient approach exhausts resources before all leads can be generated from a source.

Process Development and Implementation

process development

Process development and implementation: Create a Proven Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP)…a scientific, process-driven system where any reasonably-talented salesperson/team member can thrive.


sales coaching action
  • Leverage technology We will work toward a unified approach in your CRM, social media, and other apps and processes, increasing utility and usability.
  • Customize and implement a roadmap for growth.
  • Create a revenue pipeline and manage it so people are held accountable and future revenue can become more predictable.
  • Assess and improve individual skills and create a compensation model that encourages better behaviors while lowering the cost of acquisition.


sales coaching

We provide coaching to fuel growth and goal achievement using a variety of approaches including individual (one-on-one), team/group and leadership.  This approach is much more effective than group training seminars alone. A “Coaching Culture” also strengthens relationships, increases productivity and communication, and helps with employee retention…as well as bringing other benefits.

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