What can Superpower Strategies do for You,

Your Business or Non-Profit?

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Superpower Strategies is committed to enabling your sales force to perform at their best. Our comprehensive sales enablement solutions are
carefully crafted to support and streamline your sales process, ensuring that every interaction is impactful.
We understand that each business has its own unique challenges and objectives. That’s why we work closely with your teams to create a roadmap to growth. With our proven sales workshops and enablement solutions, you can take action now to boost your sales success. Don’t wait for success to come knocking – partner with us and achieve remarkable results.
Workshop options range from 60 minutes to multi-day and recurring sessions.

LinkedIn & Beyond

LinkedIn is not only a fantastic lead generation tool but also a great platform to share education and value-led content.
Connecting with your audience, or ideal prospects, is achieved through language. By combining both the specific language identified with a broader audience, you can generate awareness and connect on a much deeper level.
During our workshop, we uncover the key messages and language before diving into educational content that will truly connect. By bringing this together, our participants have the opportunity to update and develop their profiles before determining a schedule that aligns.

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Lead Generation and Nurturing

Lead generation should be a high priority across a sales team, but without a defined process that generates results, teams can dread lead gen activities.
We often see that BDM’s are reluctant to outbound if it’s not working. Instead, support them with a Lead Generation and Nurturing workshop that redefines outreach techniques, approaches, and activities, giving them the confidence, they need.
This session covers mindset, defines the habits to build upon, and provides a specific approach to outbound and lead generation.

Find Your Superpower

A custom workshop providing you with exactly what you need to overcome a challenge or deliver an outcome specific to you, your team, and your business.
Let us design a workshop for you. Schedule a call and let’s connect.

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How Can You Manage Revenue and Get Better Lead Generation Part Time?

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There is a school of thought that says management can’t possibly be a part-time job…but we CAN and we DO! Our process creates a manageable process and structure. Once this is complete, “keeping the train on the tracks” is only a full-time job if you make it one.

How Much Does It Cost?

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Every business is different and has a different kryptonite…so every engagement proposal is customized to specific needs. Your Outsourced Leadership is not an employee, though, so you don’t have to worry about taxes or benefits. Engagements are not based on billable hours and are designed so you’ll see a very quick return on your investment.

Quality Performance Starts With a Positive Attitude

- Jeffrey Gitomer